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Attitudes towards twins, however, are complex and multifaceted — in some areas of the country they are celebrated, in others feared. Photographers Benedicte Kurzen and Sanne de Wilde set out to explore perceptions of twinhood in three parts of Nigeria: Igbo Ora, Abuja, and Calabar, with each area demonstrating different attitudes towards twins. Abuja represents the darker history of twinhood — here, Kurzen and de Wilde visited an orphanage sheltering twins who are threatened by the community for their perceived role in bringing bad luck.

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Calabar presented the opportunity to explore how traditions and beliefs towards twins have changed over time. The resulting series, Land of Ibeji, is now on show at TJ Boulting gallery in London, and is one of the many exhibitions taking place across the capital …. She knows we are mean, and yet still she follows along behind. On athousandwordphotos. In real life, the sofa had been looted and therefore set on fire by French peace-keepers to discourage further looting. But the examples above come from quite a different project, set up to support Interact Stroke Support — a London-based charity that organises sessions in which actors read to recovering stroke patients.

As assistant curator at Tate Modern, Allen has worked on a number of major shows, the most recent being Shape of Light, the first blockbuster exhibition to explore the relationship between photography and abstract art.

What are the most exciting things happening in photography at the moment? I think there is some extremely important work being made at the moment on the subject of ….

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When pushed for a career highlight, he can cite memories that most can only dream of: joining Bruce Springsteen on his private jet, and hanging out with Daft Punk in Paris. Less than two weeks to apply! There will be NO extended deadline. As ever, British Journal of Photography are searching for established photographers to enter new projects with compelling narratives.

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The series may be shot in any format or camera model, on film or digital, and containing a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 15 images. All costs will be covered for the show; from printing, framing and installation, to travel and accommodation, so the winning photographer can oversee the preparation of their exhibition and attend the opening night. What followed was a classic fiasco.

Charles Snyder, former mayor of Aurora and serious Civil War buff, will clarify this segment of the movie, Cold Mountain. Bring the family, and chairs or a blanket and a picnic for an evening of rollicking music on button accordion, fiddle, drums, guitar, bass and rubboard.

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All of us at the Morgan Opera House hope that you will find many occasions to join us this season.