Performance Pay for Teachers

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They argue that it is difficult or impossible to devise a measure of student achievement that accurately reflects the teacher's efforts and that isn't unduly influenced by factors outside the teacher's control.

Does Performance-Based Pay Improve Teaching?

Districts, schools, and states have begun experimenting with systems that tie bonuses or salary increases to measures of student achievement as a way to align incentives with goals for improving student learning. The program provided financial rewards to educators in high-needs schools that met annual performance targets determined in part by student growth on standardized tests. RAND's work in New York City was one of three such studies conducted to assess the effects of teacher pay-for-performance.

Pros and cons of merit pay for teachers

Experts also examined the Round Rock Pilot Project , in which bonuses were awarded to Texas teachers based on their shared contribution to student test scores. They also carried out the Project on Incentives in Teaching POINT , a three-year study in Nashville and the nation's first randomized experiment to test teacher incentive pay.

Kentucky education chief: Kentucky must change its teacher-pay law

This substantial body of work provides policymakers with a strong evidence base on the design, implementation, and potential results of pay-for-performance programs. Julie A.

Marsh , Matthew G. Springer , et al.

Performance pay | Evidence for Learning | We help great education practice become common practice.

Matthew G. Springer , Dale Ballou , et al.

Springer , John F. Pane JohnFPane , et al. No evidence found for teachers' manipulation of test scores.

A Not-So-Stellar Story

The program appears to have been more cost-effective than school-group cash bonuses or extra instruction time and is as effective as cash bonuses for students. Published: Lavy, Victor.

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