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Burst of Vitality Su : Once per day, a bone elf may concentrate to call upon and radiate accelerated life energies. The energies fill a sphere 30 feet across, centered on the elf, which speeds up natural life processes. Decaying matter disintegrates, and plants grow to full bloom within a single round. This ability deals 1d6 damage per round to all undead within and heals everyone within the area of effect including the bone elf for 1d6 hp per round.

This die is rolled once per round, and the same result is applied to all creatures, for either damage or healing. The area will have no countersignature. These are the warriors and hunters of the elven lands. The briar elves have affinities for forest predators, and can call aspects of their spirits into themselves.

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They represent the good that natural predation does for an ecosystem. Many briar elves hunt down muryans as pleases the Empress, coldly dispatching the traitors, since they no longer serve a purpose in the greater scheme. More so than rangers or druids, the briar elf racial class is active in the cycle of nature. They can receive limited shapechange abilities.

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Like all true elves, they loathe undead and aberrations, and their abilities against them are strong. Personality: The briar elves have impish, prickly personalities, as their name suggests. They are almost feral in their demeanor, but have the capability to function in civilized society when necessary.

Unlike most other elves, they have no problem with death, even of sentient beings, as long as a species is not threatened with extinction. In fact, most believe that the world would be better off without so many sentients. The Nenir do not mourn dead individuals, even friends, believing that there is a pattern that is greater than any one being. Goods and magical items are not often hoarded by the Nenir, and they usually carry only what is strictly necessary for the mission at hand.

Triggers: Destroying an entire breeding population of a creature in one area such as the queen of a hive of giant insects ; hunting without purpose; leaving a corpse to rot unless the slain creature posed a serious threat to the local ecology; witnessing the destruction of an environment such as cutting down a forest. Dementia: Alienation. Briar elves suffering from a break will seek to isolate themselves from their allies, and ruthlessly 21 eliminate their foes. He will move with the maximum stealth possible, stalking along, and sniping from a safe place, but will not rejoin friends until he has recovered from the break.

If the group attacks or indicates in any way that they believe the briar elf is an enemy, they may become the targets of his irrational fear. The GM and player have discretion in this matter, and the GM may call for a Will check with failure resulting in the briar elf designating the party as enemies, and trying to avoid or attack them. Failure: Participating in any of the events or activities listed under triggers for dementia. Physical Description: The briar elves are rather short, but like the wolverine, their size is deceptive.

They often have haphazard shocks of forest-colored hair, with braids and twigs interspersed. Their sharply slanted eyes resemble those of a cat, with upward slits, and they glow of reflected ambient light at night.

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Their clothing is varied, but is always designed to serve as camouflage. Briar elves are camouflaged to fit the surroundings of their homeland. Bone elves distrust them slightly, seeing them as almost aberrant, for their vicious transformative powers. Other races tend to view them as monstrous, as well.

The briar elves tend towards an active pursuit of balance. Briar Elf Lands: Briar elves prefer the wildest places, and many have remained in Ynnidon. Religion: To the Nenir, the Empress is the greatest hunter. She has a design in mind for the world, and one which will allow it to be wild forever. Everything the Nenir do keeps this ideal in mind. Adventurers: Briar elves rarely adventure outside of Ynnidon, but when they do, it is usually while on a specific mis- sion for the Empress.

They are good in melee, and can make use of their transformative abilities to deal great amounts of damage. They are stealthy and quick, and make fantastic hunters. Regions: Nenir society is more civil than many would expect. Their homes are well hidden in such places as shallow caves, burrows, or hollowed tree trunks. They live in small packs that are part of much larger communities. Though they dwell primarily on the frontier beside the borders of Ynnidon, small groups of families or friends with members can be found all over the continent.

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Briar elves shun civilization, but may be able to stomach dwelling among other races for a few decades. Briar elves are more powerful than the standard races, and are considered three levels higher for purposes of advancement.

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Thus a 1st level Briar elf character with all special abilities is in fact a 4th level character overall. Racial Abilities: Except as noted, all briar elf abilities are the same as the standard elf from the PHB. Favored Class: Ranger.

In addition to the briar elf class, a briar elf may freely multiclass as a ranger after 1st level. The briar elf may move across surfaces or along ropes as the spell spider climb except that he moves at his full movement rate, and may jump from surface to surface, only requiring a jump check for distances that would normally require them. He may do this for a total number of minutes equal to his briar elf level, broken up into one minute ten round increments, any way he likes throughout a day.

This ability does not grant extra attacks. Normal penalties for two weapon fighting apply. Stalking Lope Su : The Nenir may now drop to all fours to move at double his normal speed without any visible transformation. Head of the Beast Su : At will, the briar elf may transform his entire head to that of any local predator with a bite attack. He gains a bite attack every round, in addition to any others he may have. Additionally, the scent ability is granted while using Head of the Beast. He may remain in this form for a number of rounds equaling his Wisdom score. He gains sensory input from both heads, and may effectively see in a degree radius, and is thereby unflankable.

He gains four extra attacks per round one for each of his additional arms, and two bite attacks with his heads , which may be directed at any targets in adjacent squares. He may not be flanked while using Primal Nightmare. At the GMs option, other placement schemes for the additional limbs and heads may be possible, and they may even shift around in an unnerving way. While the bone elves were created to take new lands for her, the crown elves are meant to keep them.

Among them are the most noble of the fey.


They hold court all over the Brendirian continent, but their Grand Court is held in Eines, the greatest true city in Ynnidon. They can tap into the land itself, taking on its power for short period of time. Personality: Crown elves are cool and reserved, and stalwart in the face of adversity. They are honorable, loyal, and do not take well to betrayal or deception. They are, above all, fair. Still, they are fey, enjoying dance, music, and the arts.

During the darker months, they like to travel on raucous hunts that take them across Ynnidon.

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Dementia: Vengeance. He will believe that he is a great and powerful being embodying Vengeance itself. This belief is bolstered by the intense energies the crown elf gives off, which crackle visibly. Any attempts to prove otherwise are met with scorn, and possibly violence. Each extended family is tied specifically to one landmark.

If this landmark is threatened they sense it, and must drop everything to defend it, sometimes traveling across the entire world. If their landmark is destroyed, they become muryans. Physical Description: The crown elves are tall, regal, and beautiful, without exception.

Their skin literally comes in all colors, with no relation to their heredity, as long as that color is present somewhere in the general place they were born. For most, this coloration is a mere tint, but for others, it is a bold expression of the beauty present in their homeland.

They keep their clothing in perfect repair, and prefer fluid and free flowing fabrics. Other races feel either intimidated or resentful in the presence of the Iyewn. Its surface can be made to stop growing by lightly searing it with flame that deals at least one point of damage in excess of its hardness. If the seared ilter is subsequently exposed to greater flames that cause damage in excess of its hardness, the ilter liquifies and runs like water.

If the surface of an object made from ilter is exposed by destroying its seared shell, it begins to grow again if exposed to nutrients, light and water.

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Ilter that has not been seared to stop growth is called raw. Plant-affecting spells and effects also affect raw ilter, but stone-affecting magics do not. Crown Elven Lands: The crown elves live all over Ynnidon, creating crystal-like towns and cities of domes, globes, and spires that grow organically, feeding off of sunlight and water like plants.

Only the most respected elven artificers know this, the rest assuming that the cities are made of fine but strong glass or other translucent crystal. At any rate, these cities are beautiful and constructed to have the minimum impact on the ecology. They rise high above the land on thin, curved pillars and allow unused light and water to pass through them to keep the ecologies below healthy. Their societies are well structured, with elegant etiquette and complex protocols for behavior.

Status is based upon age, and all respect their eternally youthful elders.

Religion: The crown elves have a series of intricate rituals for their worship of the Empress. Of all the elves, they are the only ones that congregate in large groups to worship her.