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Freyja uses her cloak specifically for travel. This between all the realms with the valkyries in order collect her part of the dead. Rav by Thursarn.

Each of these stories are an anthem to everything she stands for. So with that- I will be very briefly talking about some of her most notable myths. Note that I will not be doing a reiteration of each but a brief synopsis. I urge anyone who wants to work with Freyja to truly study her lore by reading these texts in full. Understanding Freyja, like any deity, is crucial before working with them in invocations, evocations and even devotional worship.

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The Poetic Edda has majority of the information we know about the Norse gods. In the Poetic Edda, we learn about Freyja and her relationship with slain warriors and the valkyries. We also learn about her in the poem Lokasenna where Loki confronts Freyja about her various lovers, insatiable lust and practicing forbidden magick.

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We start to understand, through Freyja, some of the more chthonic morals the Vanir had. Before she found him turned into a horrifying sea serpent, she would cry, with so many tears that when they hit the earth they turned to gold and when they touched the sea would turn into amber. It is also told in the Prose Edda the proper way to pray to Freyja.

This saga tells us a lot about the Vanir. This entire text describes how Freyja obtained her necklace and how Loki steals her necklace after finding out how she acquired it. The rest of the gods were not exactly happy her. Vilde Viyla by Thursarn.

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In addition to Freyja, the viking peoples and their works additionally refer to her as the following. I also would like to take this time to discuss how these various names of Freyja are different aspects of her and how each of these can be utilized in your worship of her. Gefn is the virgin or maiden form of Freyja.

She has the ability to preform spells that cure broken hearts and estranged love. It is said that those young women who die virgins become one of her servants in the afterlife. I personally associate this aspect of Freyja with fertility, virginity, young love, healing, purity, prosperity, mother-daughter relationships and nature. Mardoll is the reflection of the sun across the sea; a shining beauty.

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Mardoll is associated with the ocean, sunlight, the day, father-daughter relationships, preservation, emotional healing and personal growth. This name of Freyja is only really found in Germanic lore versus Norse. Being the guardian of beasts, she is able to shapeshift into any creature she desires. This aspect of Freyja is associated with fauna, femininity, independence, the night, the hunt, forests, darker forms of witchcraft, shadow work. Swine are a distinct symbol of the Vanir.

Both Freyja and Freyr have companion boars that ride into battle with them. The sow specifically represents peace and indulgence. Primarily the wife to her brother. She can be associated with forbidden love, the past, sacrifice, peace, indulgence, lust, sex, ecstasy, fertility, marriage and strength. Gullveig corresponds with addiction, greed, lust, cursing, fire, gold, winter, war, anguish, oracle and death. This is one of the few heavens of the afterlife for those soldiers that have fallen during battle. Freyja gets to choose the first half while Odinn gets the last half.

Freyja and her valkyries carry the souls of those men and women to rest in her hall until they are called upon to fight with the gods during Ragnarok. Valfreyja is associated with death, rebirth, homage, healing, afterlife, fate, war, blood and sacrifice. The disir Old Norse or idisi Old Saxon are ancestral female spirits that were worshipped heavily by the Ancient Scandinavians.

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Making this facet of her the ancestor and guardian of humanity. She is thus associated with ancestry, sacrifice, death, life, spirit, guardianship, love, family and divine femininity. The Norse conception of our relationship to the gods is important in understanding the nature of sacrifice. In Heathenry, it is believed that we are not only worshipers but we are spiritually and even physically related to them through our daily actions, thoughts and emotions. In Iceland and rural Sweden, Freyja was called upon by the carving of magical staves and bindrunes known as galdrastafir into large wet-stones.

Norse mythology comprises the pre-Christian beliefs and legends of the Scandinavian peoples including those who settled on Iceland where most of the written sources for Norse mythology were assembled. Many of these sources however are said to be tainted by the Christian bias of the writers. The myths presented on this website were derived from the works of Snorri Sturluson an Icelandic historian, poet, and politician — Many believe the Norse gods and the other mythological beings of ancient Scandanavia represent aspects of the self, our emotions and the many qualities that make up the psyche of the human self.

Keep up the good work you guys! Thank you so much for this mythology. I am avidly studying Jungian philosophy of using mythology as a means of self-transformation during my graduate work in psychology I wish to offer some advice to anyone who seeks the truth within themselves. Recognize these gods, goddesses and characters of mythology as parts of yourself. Jungian psychology advocates the practice of active imagination in order to better understand and integrate these parts of your own subconscious mind.

Active imagination is to simply recognize each archetype characters of mythology which resonates with you during this moment in your life. Lie down, close your eyes, relax all of your body and begin to imagine in your minds eye a world all your own. There are many parts of the subconcious mind, Jung said that he was constantly inventing new archetypes with every that client that he encountered, a jester for example came into one of his clients stories. Though it is not a religion in and of itself, we must understand and integrate the lessons we learn from these mythologies.

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The stories invoke the deeper parts of ourselves so that we may be more in touch with what we truly think is right, wrong, and ideal. Creating our own personal truth rather than adopting the opinions and beliefs of the society which we are born into. There is sort of a sun goddess.

Actually, she is the sun… Her name is Sol or Sunna, and she is being chased by a wolf named Skoll. Her brother is the moon and he is also chased by a wolf. I guess this information is kind of late, but here it is. Are there such things as fire faeries or any type of faeries in Norse mythology? Please reply, thanks. Thanks for all the info! Glad to know some of us still cherish the old ways. When is Ragnarok slated to happen? Thanks again! For good measure, Thor kills Thrym and a bunch of other giants on his way out.

In the tale of the Giant Master Builder, a giant offers to build walls around Asgard as long as he gets Freyja, the sun and the moon.