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Gamma spectroscopy technique, based on the measurement of U KeV flux, is now currently used for the determination of Uranium enrichment in different material of nuclear fuel cycle, namely: Uranium metallic, UO 2 pellets, UF 6 liquid or solid. New explanation for extreme u u - disequilibria in a dolomitic aquifer. The aquifer is uranium poor, while the waters are oxygen rich and young. Tritium and C are used to show that the disequilibrium New and very accurate data of isotope shifts and relative isotope shifts in U, U , U are presented.

The invariance of the relative isotope shift, for the transitions we have investigated, supports the hypothesis that the so called specific mass effect is negligible in uranium. The cross section of U - fission induced by The result obtained is 2. Comparison with other author's is also given. Determination of Ra - , Ra and K specific activities in samples of mineral fertilizer marketed in the Rio de Janeiro City. The use a fertilizers ia a common practice in agriculture and several samples have radionuclides in their composition, this content is natural but some samples may have high concentrations of these radionuclides and this represent a potential radiological risk for plants, animals and water.

Therefore the radiometric analyses these compounds is important and the main aim of this paper is to determine the specific concentration of K, Ra - and Ra in fertilizer samples available in market of Rio de Janeiro city and discussing the impacts to agricultural soils caused by this practice. The analyzed fertilizer samples are of four types: nitrogen, potash, phosphate and NPK, they were analyzed using gamma spectroscopy with a Hp-Ge detector and with the LabSOCS software for the calculation of the efficiency curve.

But considering a dilution g of fertilizer in soil was found an average increase of 0. A review of the behaviour of U - series radionuclides in soils and plants. The U - series of radionuclides is of relevance in a variety of environmental contexts ranging from the remediation of former uranium mining and milling facilities to the deep geological disposal of solid radioactive wastes. Herein, we review what is known concerning the behaviour of radionuclides from the U - decay chain in soils and plants. This review is intended to provide a single comprehensive source of information to anyone involved in undertaking environmental impact assessment studies relating to this decay chain.

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Conclusions are drawn relating to values and ranges of distribution coefficients appropriate to uranium, thorium, radium, lead and polonium in different soil types and under various environmental conditions. Similarly, conclusions are drawn relating to plant:soil concentration ratios for these elements for different plant and soil types, and consideration is given to the distribution of these elements within plants following both root uptake and foliar application.

The Solar Ponds are the main source for the various contaminants: radionuclides U - , U, Pu, and Am ; anions; and trace metals to groundwaters. The U - concentrations in Rocky Flats groundwaters vary from 2 CO 3 2 2- , because of the predominant bicarbonate medium.

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Ludwig, K. The Devils Hole calcite vein contains a long-term climatic record, but requires accurate chronologic control for its interpretation. This report was written by E. Broda and D. Wilkinson at the Cavendish Laboratory Cambridge in January and is about the radiative capture cross-section of U for fast neutrons. The Chemical procedure and beta counting, the notes on the activation of the samples, the results and an appendix as well as a short introduction can be found in this report. In this report we describe the long-term behaviour of the uranium isotopes, U and U - in groundwater systems.

U is a redox sensitive element what for its behaviour is largely controlled by changes in the environmental conditions. A striking feature in U isotope geochemistry is seemingly different behaviour of U - and U U isotopes fractionate at the rock-groundwater interface depending on chemical and radiological factors.

It was envisaged that AR in groundwater is the consequence of radiological, chemical and hydrological processes. Groundwater condition redox, flow, etc. This was an important finding because the exclusion of direct a-recoil means that it is groundwater chemistry and its variations which controls the U mass flow and the formation of AR.

Therefore, AR values could be used more confidently to indicate past redox changes and possibly flow paths. Research on the reliability of measurement of natural radioactive nuclide concentration of U - Naturally occurred radioactive materials NORM can be found all around us and people are exposed to this no matter what they do or where they live.

In this study, two indirect measurement methods of NORM U - has been reviewed; one that has used HPGe on the basis of the maintenance, and the other is disequilibrium theory of radioactive equilibrium relationships of mother and daughter nuclide at Decay-chain of NORM U - Through the experiment as above, we could infer the daughter nuclide whose radioactive equilibrium has been maintained with U - Therefore, we could find out that the daughter nuclide suitable to be applied to Gamma indirect measurement method was Th Due to Pearson Correlation statistics, we could find out the reliability of the result value that has been analyzed by using Th An analysis of alternative options for the recycle of discharged makeup U - ''residual'' makeup in HTGRs shows that the three-particle system which has been the reference plan remains optimal.

This result considers both the resource utilization and the handling costs attendant to the alternative strategies primarily in the recycle facility and in waste disposal.

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Furthermore, this result appears to be true under all forseeable economic conditions. A simple risk assessment indicates that recycle cost including reprocessing, refabrication, and related waste disposal would have to double or triple in order for the alternative U - recycle schemes to become attractive. This induces some degree of confidence in the choice of staying with the reference cycle in spite of the large degree of uncertainty over recycle and its costs.

Determination of U - quantity in fresh fuel elements by neutron coincidence collar technique. The U - quantity per lenght of fresh fuel assemblies of the Angra-I first recharge was determined by Neutron Coincidence Collar technique N. This technique is well-founded in fresh fuel assemblies activation by thermal neutrons from AmLi source to generate U - fission neutrons. These neutrons are detected by coincidence method in polyethylene structure where 18 He-3 detectors were placed.

The accuracies of different calibration methods were evaluated and compared. The results showed that the operator declared values are consistent. This evaluation was part of technical-exchange program between Safeguards Laboratory from C. Isotopic analysis of uranium hexafluoride highly enriched in U - ; Analyse isotopique de l'hexafluorure d'uranium fortement enrichi en U Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires.

Une methode d'interpolation lineaire entre deux etalons permet de corriger cette inexactitude, tant que les concentrations isotopiques sont inferieures a 10 pour cent en U - environ. Au-dessus de cette valeur, la formule d'interpolation surestime les resultats, notamment si l'enrichissement des echantillons analyses par rapport aux etalons est superieur a 1,3.

On montre experimentalement que par cette correction, les resultats atteignent, a la precision des mesures, une exactitude qui ne depend pratiquement plus que de celles des etalons. Sensitivity analysis of U cross section in thermal nuclear systems. A sensitivity analysis system is developed for assessing the implication of uncertainties in nuclear data and related computational methods for light water power reactor. Sensitivies, at equilibrium cycle condition, are carried out for the few group macroscopic cross section of the U with respect to their 35 group microscopic absorption cross section using the batch depletion code SENTEAV similar to those calculation methods used in the industry.

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This investigation indicates that improvements are requested on specific range of energy. These results point out the direction for worth while experimental measurements based on an analysis of costs and economic benefits. Author [pt. Naturally-occurring isotopes of radium are ideally suited as tracers for chemical uptake in the calcified tissues of marine organisms since radium is a water soluble, bio-geochemical analogue for calcium. Assays designed to exploit this uptake mechanism can be used to determine the longevity of certain species of fish. Age determinations of fish based on natural radioisotopes can result in significant improvements in the assessment and management of certain fisheries resources.

Recently, we have extended these experiments to photo-fission.

First of its kind, this measurement will provide a unique platform to explore the effect of the incoming probe on the FPYs, i.